Foreign Employment

The employer is obliged to report any change in the above-mentioned data within 10 calendar days of the date on which the change occurred or became known to the relevant regional branch of the Labour Office of the Czech Republic.

Retention of documents

The employer is obliged to keep copies of the documents proving the foreign national's lawful residence in the territory of the Czech Republic for the duration of employment and for 3 years after the end of employment of the foreign national.

The employer is obliged to keep copies of documents proving the existence of the employment relationship at the place of work. Compliance with the obligation under the first sentence shall not be required if the employer has fulfilled the obligation to notify the district social security administration of the date of the employee's commencement of employment which gave rise to his or her participation in sickness insurance under the Health Insurance Act.

  • Downloadable forms
    Downloadable forms from the field of foreign employment
  • Economic Migration Projects

    Migration programs serve to simplify access to the labor market for selected workers from abroad and to strengthen the competitiveness of Czech companies. These projects are the Key and Scientific Staff Program, the Highly Qualified Employee Program and the Qualified Employee Program.

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