Internally Transferred Employees

With effect from 15/08/2017, the institution of the internally transferred employee card was established.

This new type of dual permit for long-term residence in the Czech Republic allows its holder to stay in the Czech Republic for more than 3 months and to work in a job position of a manager, specialist or employed trainee, to whom the foreigner has been temporarily transferred to the transnational company, in short, for more details, see Definition of Basic Terms).


Manager means a foreigner in a managerial position who primarily manages a business corporation or a branch, and whose business is generally supervised or instructed by a statutory body, a supreme body or a supervisory body; a manager manages a business corporation or a branch of a branch or a part thereof, supervises other employees performing supervisory, professional or managerial activities, including the power to accept or dismiss employees, or to recommend the admission or dismissal or other personnel measures.

Specialist means a foreigner who has specialised knowledge which is essential to the field of business, procedures or management of a business corporation or a branch of a business corporation and who also has the necessary level of qualification and professional experience, or is a member of a professional association if such requirements are set out by specific legal regulations.

Employed trainee means a foreigner who has a properly completed tertiary education, is transferred to a business corporation or branch enterprise with a registered office in the Czech Republic for the purpose of developing a career or training in the field of business techniques and methods and who is paid a salary or remuneration during the transfer.

Internally transferred employee cards are issued by the Ministry of the Interior. For more information, see the MI website at

Employer's Obligations towards the Labour Office

There is no need to report a vacancy to the Labour Office of the Czech Republic for an application for a card issued to an internally transferred employee.

The information and registration obligation, however, applies to an employer of an internally transferred employee card holder, see page Procedure by the Employer.

Special Cases

An internally transferred employee who holds a residence permit issued by another member state of the European Union, who is internally transferred to the territory of the Czech Republic for a period not exceeding 90 days in any period of 180 days, is entitled to free access to the labour market under the Employment Act.

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