Services of EURES Network for Employers

Basic information about labour recruitment in the countries of the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland can be found at the European EURES Portal in the Employers section and in the employer’s handbook Recruiting in Europe. Registered employers can, when searching for suitable candidates from abroad, take advantage of on-line curricula vitae databases.

Employers from countries in the EU, EEA and Switzerland can make use of the services of the EURES Czech Republic network when disseminating vacancies and recruiting workers from the Czech Republic. Foreign employers primarily have the following options:

1. Publication of Vacancies at the Czech EURES Portal

A condition for the publication of vacancies abroad at the Czech EURES portal is their reporting to public employment services (labour offices) in the relevant country. After publication in the national database, a Reference Number, which should be reported to the Czech EURES advisor, is allocated to a vacancy.

2. Further Promotion of Vacancies in Czech Republic

In addition to publication of vacancies at the Czech EURES Portal it is possible to promote offers of vacancies abroad at the information points of individual Czech Labour Offices, during individual and group consultations organised by a labour office and at regional and national job fairs in the Czech Republic.

If they are interested, foreign employers can have a separate stand at a national job fair in Prague (there are usually two a year—in March and in September) or at regional job fairs in other cities (Brno, Ostrava, Liberec and others). A number of regional fairs are focused on specific professions (e.g. technical fields) or on specific target groups (e.g. university graduates).

3. Assistance when Recruiting Labour

The EURES Czech Republic network also offers assistance when organising the recruitment of labour for other countries. It is possible to arrange assistance both with a search for a suitable place for holding individual interviews and mass presentations, and assistance approaching suitable target groups around the Czech Republic (the unemployed, youth, students, etc.).

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