The EURES Service in Countries of the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland

The Labour Office of the Czech Republic, after accession to the EU (2004), became part of the EURES network, the basic mission of which is to facilitate the international mobility of labour. The EURES service (EURES stands for EURopean Employment Services) offers public employment services in all 28 member countries of the EU, as well as Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein, which are part of the EEA; Switzerland also has an agreement on participation in the EURES network.

The basic task of the EURES network is to provide services useful to all workers, candidates and jobseekers, as well as to employers who are interested in taking advantage of the right to the free movement of persons. The EURES service is provided through information and databases published at the European EURES Portal, at the national portals of member countries in the EURES network and through EURES advisers.

EURES – European Job Mobility Portal, which is run by the European Commission, is the basic tool of all databases with which EURES works:

Primarily, here you will find a database of job vacancies in EURES network member countries. In the interests of finding the greatest number of vacancies, it is a good idea when using the database to input as the entry requirement for searches only the profession and country requested. Vacancies suitable for foreign workers are marked with an EU flag.

At the portal those interested can create a job-seeker’s account and input their professional curriculum vitae into the on-line curriculum vitae database that is accessible to employers from various European countries registered at the EURES portal.

A very useful source of information is the database of living and working conditions in EURES network member states. It gives basic information related to living and working conditions in a country (administrative procedures, social security system, tax issues, employment contracts, usual methods of looking for employment, etc.). By following the links to the individual countries a user can find information about the local labour market down to the regional level, including lists of the most- and least- required professions.

Those interested in studying in EURES network member countries can use the Education database. This section also contains a reference to the European PLOTEUS portal, which has a database of education opportunities in Europe. A lot of related information is provided by the European Union Portal for Youth.

EURES Service in the Czech Republic

The provision of the EURES service in the Czech Republic is arranged primarily using the national EURES internet portal and EURES advisers. In the Czech Republic they are methodologically managed by the EURES coordination office, which is based at the General Directorate of the Labour Office of the Czech Republic. EURES advisers work at Regional Offices of the Labour Office of the Czech Republic and at the Local Office in Frýdek-Místek.

You can find a current list of Czech EURES advisers at the List of EURES Advisers page.

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